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STONY Real Estate Capital

... offers independent and professional expert consultancy services on structuring and handling issues in the real estate market. We combine the potential of the capital and financial markets with the real estate world to create significant efficiencies and synergies for our customers.

„Bridging the World of Real Estate and Finance“

... stands for the potential of two worlds, where adding 1+1 often equals more than just 2.

In addition to the usual aspects of real estate finance, real estate structuring and advice on transactions, we put a comprehensive real estate and financial market-based approach to finding the optimal solution strategy for our clients in the fore. We are solution-oriented and focused on details, but don't lose sight of the big picture from the client's perspective. We assiduously avoid conflicts of interest and act only on behalf of our clients.

STONY Real Estate Capital provides comprehensive consultative services on real estate matters for portfolio managers, developers, owners of rental properties and real estate investors at home and abroad. Our small team of experts specialise in bringing the right players to the table and developing joint strategies for success. We have excellent relationships with insurance companies, fund management companies and all the major banks in Germany.

Confidentiality and the personal contact with our customers are our most important principles.

The STONY Real Estate Capital Team will be glad to answer your questions. Suggestions are important to us so that we may constantly continue to further develop our problem solving skills.

We are looking forward to working with you!

Feel free to contact us!

STONY Real Estate Capital stands for...

  • a neutral, independent and professional customer service
  • a close co-operation
  • creative and innovative solutions
  • and a comprehensive real estate network


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