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Real estate development places high demands on the people involved. A task for specialists in the real estate industry.

STONY Real Estate Capital is itself not a developer, but we bring our experience and expertise gained as a consultant in developments already completed to help with planning your project.

We provide support to our clients all the way from idea generation, acquisition preparation, site selection and collateralisation, the preliminary audit of projects already developed, to implementation and the planned exit. Our extensive network can provide additional consultancy services that go beyond our specialised knowledge.

Ways to start collaboration might be:

  • Idea / Location
    A good property does not develop by itself. We advise owners with suitable properties on developing the location, usage plans and bring in the right partners for the project. The goal is to develop an optimum product as an alternative to the pure land sale.
  • Tenants / Owner-Occupants
    If there is a lack of properties to rent or purchase in a market, we bring together developers and future users with the goal of developing the best product for all involved.
  • Investors
    If there is a lack of suitable investment properties on the market, we help investors finding tailor-made projects or products.