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Presentations / Training Sessions

The English philosopher Francis Bacon wrote in his "Novum Organum" (1620):

“Scientia et potentia humana in idem coincidunt, quia ignoratio causae destituit effectum”

("Human knowledge and human power meet in one; for where the cause is not known the effect cannot be produced.")

It is important to distinguish between knowledge and information, because "we are drowning in information, but thirsting for knowledge" (John Naisbitt).

Against this background, the STONY Real Estate Capital management team is glad to arrange presentations and training sessions and is actively engaged in scholarly continuing education. In addition to sharing our knowledge and experience, we also benefit from the contact and discussion with participants. New and innovative ideas and concepts often evolve from the questions and discussions with participants in these events. The result is a genuine mutual knowledge transfer.

The following teaching positions, Dirk Leutbecher took over as Managing Director of STONY Real Estate Capital:

  • Münster University of Applied Sciences, Business College, Corporate Real Estate Management (CREM), Facility Economis, PPP-Finance
  • Dortmund University of Technology, Lecturer in Construction Finance
  • IREBS Real Estate Academy, Property Finance, Real Estate Leasing