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With the ever-increasing and confusing variety of financing options in the banking, investment and capital markets, it can be very time consuming to search for an optimal solution. STONY Real Estate Capital integrates the potential of the investment, capital and financial markets for our clients in the real estate world.

With innovative solutions (such as structuring of cash flows), we create significant value for our customers. True to our motto: "Bridging the World of Real Estate and Finance"

Each project is unique. We therefore don't offer our customers standard products, but individual and innovative solutions tailored to their needs. We offer new ideas and additional structuring options to make your project even more attractive and open it up to a wider investor base.

Get in touch with us today! Together we can determine the opportunities there may be for your particular project.

The Value of Our Services

  • Significant increase in the feasibility of complex transactions
  • More attractive financing results
  • Optimisation of the business model
  • Improvement of the risk/yield ratio
  • Realisation of higher selling prices