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Principles and Values

Our principles and values ​​are reflected in the following major principles:

Independent, objective and neutral

STONY Real Estate Capital is 100% owner-managed. This fact allows us our advice and our decisions to be free from the influence of third parties and conflicts of interest. This is the only we can remain objective and neutral in advising our clients on the interface of real estate and financing.

Success-oriented and entrepreneurial

As fellow entrepreneurs, we understand our clients' perspective. Our success-driven fee structures reflect the level of confidence we have in the quality of the service we provide. Our success is therefore closely linked to our clients' success.

Long-term partnership

We place value on creating long-term relationships and partnerships with our clients. After all, good business relationships should benefit all parties involved. We are convinced that a long-term partnership with our clients is worth more for both of us than looking for a quick deal. For this reason, we are delighted that many of our new clients have come from the personal recommendations of our existing clients.

Pragmatic and committed

Our hierarchy is flat and shaped by personal contact with the customer. This ensures fast response times and the ability to act quickly in complex transactions. If you wish, we can also listen and act discreetly in the background of a project. When doing so, we always clearly tell our clients our position, point out the advantages and disadvantages and even advise against potentially poor transactions. We are committed to the customer and the project!