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Real Estate Network

Providing consultancy services at the interface between finance and real estate requires specialised knowledge in both fields and experience gained from a number of successfully completed projects. In addition to adding to our own knowledge and experience and being willing to learn new ideas, knowing when and how to access outside advice is also key to success. We see this need as an opportunity to analyse complex property financing projects within a comprehensive network of experts so that we can find the best solutions and bring the project successfully to reality.

An important pillar of STONY Real Estate Capital's strategy is ​​networking. We place special value on nurturing existing contacts in our network while continuing to expand the network with additional experts who bring even more knowledge to the table. We're not driven by having the largest address book of contacts—quality is much more important than quantity.

Clients themselves become part of our network and network partners become our clients, providing further evidence of the value of networking.

Of course, we also enter into direct partnerships or collaborations. In a shared network, these ventures then generate additional pluses for all sides. This is about multiplying what each side brings to create real added value and not just a simple arithmetic addition of each side's services. So 1+1 often equals more than just 2.